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I've always liked to think outside the box... I love to be a little different and do my best to stand out from the crowd, even in the little things I do. Guess that's one of the many traits of a geeky collector's mind. I'm also a huge fan of design and love interesting and unique business cards. So when the time came to make my own, I had to make something cool! 

So this is it guys, my new Chubby Geek business cards... and yes, you can fold it into a mini standee of me! :) 

Get one in your next order or visit me at Supanova this weekend in Melbourne and grab one for free! 

More pics below, including shots where you can see how it folds into a mini standee figure. Hope you guys like it... if you do, share this with your friends!

So, how do you make a mini Chubby Geek standee?

Firstly, tear off and bin the little tabs that say "REMOVE"

Next, fold along the crease lines - don't rip the bits around his neck!

Then fold the sides around and push the tab into the pre-cut hole. Trick is to put the tab into the hole from the outside fold like this picture above.

Done! You now have a mini Chubby Geek standee... 

... and he can hang out with his mini figure mates :)

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the comments! Just had a browse through your blog and Etsy page and really love your work! It’s always great to see people doing what they love and sharing it with the world. I’ve always loved papercraft and origami but never embraced my inner artist to create my own stuff – i think design was more of my thing so the business cards were a perfect start, hehe.

    Not sure if you were at Supanova this past weekend but I do think we can work on something together in the near future. Send me an email to and we can bounce some ideas around.

    Chubby Geek

    Chubby Geek on
  • Hey CB

    Love the shop and business cards! I’m a fellow Melbournian who makes paper toys there must be a way we can collaborate on something!?! I’ll try and catch you at Supernova this weekend.

    All the best


    Andrew Dunn on

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